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        9:00AM to 9:00PM

Number 630-953-4500

Primary Care

Elmhurst Immediate Care provides a complete healthcare for you and your family.

Elmhurst Immediate Care medical center is one of the best and outstanding primary care providers located at Elmhurst. They offer exceptional and unmatched primary care services to the Park Ridge community. Primary care conveniences are available for a common man at almost all the times. The ultimate goal of Elmhurst Immediate Care is that to see a day free of disease, and offers a good health care facility.

When you require a doctor quickly, it makes sense to visit a Elmhurst Primary Care center. After all, the speed at which you will receive help is very quick. If you are injured or just feeling miserable with a sore throat, Elmhurst Primary care center at in Lombard Illinois at your neighborhood is the best one to get those sweet tubes working again.

  • No delays in getting referrals to experts
  • Full access to specialist doctors
  • The most technologically advanced help around
  • Doctors and nurses who meet the medical field’s highest standards
  • Treatments and procedures from the latest research breakthroughs

You will get services usually only offered by specialist doctors, such as vasectomies, intra-uterine device (IUD) insertions, colposcopies (examining the cervix for precancerous cells) and prenatal, delivery and newborn care.

We have community-based practices in nearby localities of Illinois. You get convenient, same-day appointments, along with a stress-free and peaceful atmosphere.