Open Seven Days A Week:
        9:00AM to 9:00PM

Number 630-953-4500

Medical Clinic in Lombard, Illinois l Illinois

Elmhurst Immediate Care is a full service immediate care facility located in Lombard, Illinois. The doctors here are all board certified and highly professional. The patient can expect to be treated promptly and with great care. Elmhurst Immediate Care can be reached at (630) 953-4500. Appointments are available but it is also alright to walk in as needed. This location can treat minor medical issues as well as minor emergencies. Parents need not worry if they bring their children or themselves to Elmhurst Immediate Care. The patient can be seen by a nurse and doctor, tested and treated all in this location. Elmhurst Immediate Care is open all hours of every day. They are even open on holidays. The physicians here are caring and always on call to serve their patients. Coming to Elmhurst Immediate Care is cheaper and more convenient than the emergency room at the local hospital. Minor injuries will be treated more quickly because they are not put in a queue. Elmhurst does not treat major emergencies so the minor emergency patients can be treated more efficiently by doctors who are under less stress and thinking more clearly. The staff here is willing to do whatever it takes to get their patients well again.

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